Plant Viga 1 case / 18 cans / 8 pill per can


Plant Vigra is proven to: •Promote blood flow to the penis •Provide improved erectile function •Supply nutrients that guard against volume and potency •Reduces impotence Improves sexual sensitivity

Plant Vigra is made of Yohimbe bark extract (yohimbine), a kind of evergreen growing in Africa whose unique action has been recognized for 70 years and can boost male sexual activity for up to 120 hours. Yohimbe bark  is beneficial to the body. It is used to improve sexual function. In combination with physical training,athletes take it to make full of their physical strength, More frequently,it is used to improve sexual function, and can obviously improve impotence and premature ejaculation. It also can effectively prolong the time for sexual intercourse and improve sexual sensation of men without the above symptoms.

Plant Vigra

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